Hypoallergenic Air Germ Defender & Mold Guard

Hypoallergenic Air Germ Defender & Mold Guard

The Germ Defender & Mold Guard is our latest product. Sanitize Surfaces: including mold and germs
Purify the air: odors,PM2.5, spores, etc.
Safe & Hypoallergenic: No chemicals, no deodorizers, no ozone
Proprietary Tech: Hypoallergenic Air® Polar Ionization
Coverage Estimate: 100 sq. ft.
Energy Use: Less than a lightbulb (2 watts)
Replacement Parts: zero for product life
Extremely compact design: 6.5″ x 4″ x 1.5″


It actually kills viruses on a door handle. Our HypoAllergenic Air technology is different. Unlike other air purifiers, ours actively purifies the air AND surfaces throughout a room. It doesn't have to suck air up and through a filter to have an effect. A recent study found our technology killed 99.998% of MERS virus on a surface in just 4 hours. This means if a virus lands on a surface like a door handle, and THEN you turn our units on, our technology is able to sanitize that surface, providing protection even as new contaminanting events occur.


Our newest residential unit Germ Defender & Mold Guard was designed to make sanitizing rooms easy and accessible. Place it anywhere you want to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy surfaces with far fewer germs. Covers a single room up to 100 sq. ft. with no replacement parts for life.


Suppress, Prevent & Protect Mold is a fungus that feeds on organic, decomposing matter and thrives in areas that are dark, damp, and humid. Mold spreads courtesy of Spores that when disturbed float in the air and those Spores can survive conditions that mold generally cannot. The spores from these molds can float around in the air and cause health issues like coughing and runny or stuffy noses. An excessive amount of mold in the home can turn a mild cough into a serious health issue if it is not remedied. Mold Guard does not remove physical mold already present on surfaces, but can help prevent further replication and growth by disrupting the RNA/DNA, while drastically reducing your airborne exposure to spores and toxins by removing them from the air. It is always important to try to identify the moisture source and mitigate the environment that allowed mold to grow in the first place. These are often associated with leaks. Events like a flood can make your home highly susceptible to mold growth and professional help is likely needed. Physical mold already present on a wall for instance will still need a manual cleaning and professional help is always recommended. Even in the midst of a highly contaminated home, Mold Guard's technology can provide the best protection available.
Installation: Plugs directly into the outlet, no messy wires
Additional Benefits: Removes Static electricity.  Built-in Nightlight
Filters: Comes with washable filter (black sponge).  Optional Replaceable Carbon Filters can be purchased separately in the future
Plugs:Currently only USA style plugs are available for the Mold Guard (Type A)
Zero Ozone: Intertek tested 8 hr TWA Ozone for this product is 0.000 ppmv when tested in a 30 m3 chamber

  • Product Info

    Weight .5 lbs
    Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
    Night Light

    Zero Light Version, with Night Light


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